Landlord wants deposit direct - is this ok?

I have found a property and agreed terms with the landlord

They have asked for the deposit of £2,200 (1 months rent) and £2,200 (1st months rent) sent directly to their bank account.

I was of the understanding that I should click the “Begin Rent Now” button on the listing

Please help and clarify


some landlords here donot opt for rent now and only advertise on the platform. Such landlords have an account with one of the deposit schemes they enroll into. So you have to trust them that they will deposit into one of these schemes after you send it. Otherwise how can they protect it?


This is common. I do this myself. I assume you have viewed property and met landlord? Incidentally in order to advertise on RightMove landlord has to prove ownership to openrent.


Hi Shantala and Mark10

Thanks for the swift responses.

So in theory - if they decided to not put the deposit into a Deposit Scheme - I cannot get my deposit back

What proof do I get that they have deposited the money in the deposit scheme


How can they prove to myself before I make the deposit - that they have an account with an approved deposit scheme?


They must provide a tenant with prescribed information within 30 days of receipt, as well as a certificate. This will allow you to check if it’s been registered.

I suppose in theory you may not get back, but I assume you have his details to pursue? In reality this is very very rare. It’s a two way trust thing. A landlord who is decent will do it by the book, which is the majority.

Having an account doesn’t prove they will lodge it.
You could ask for ID of the landlord. I wouldn’t be offended by this myself. It’s not unreasonable.

The reason i do it myself and not through openrent is I like the control, no one does it better!


Have you looked at the “about landlord” link on the property? How long have they been registered? Are details verified?

Details are verified and they have been registered for “about a year ago”

Adam there are serious penalties for not registering the deposit which actually may easily run way beyond what you may have deposited. No landlord risks this. However, I had an instance where I had done let only and the agent did not transfer the deposit into my deposit scheme for over 2 yrs! It only came to light because I pointed it out, luckily it was for the same tenant and agent still existed, so they transfered. No apology from the agent! Tenant is still there and I did not increase rent either over the yrs, tenant is happy and I am happy with them. Why would u think a landlord will entrust thousands if pounds worth of house to a tenant if he cannot trust the landlord? Time is too precious, if I see tenant is not committed, I don’t waste time, I move on.

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Before paying anyone money you should verify that you are going to get what you’re paying for. Ask for evidence that they own or have permission to let the property in question.

You can sue the landlord for a penalty of up to 3x the value of the deposit if they don’t comply with the legal requirements.

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