Landlord discussion about deposit

I had view one property on Sunday. I met with person there and after view that i asked him are u landlord he said no i am not the other person who talk with me on phone he is landlord . And i am interested for property and i phoned him and ask all details and he said send deposit on this account details i sent it and i sent it all documents. But I haven’t get any reply about further procedure and I haven’t get any reciept.

you should have asked here FIRST what you should do, not after the event . i fear the worst

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Aw no, this doesn’t look good

Feels like scam but before jumping on conclusion. Who showed you the property? Where did you find the property? How did you send the money? Etc

The landlord sent his number on openrent and they we went for viewing and met with person there he said i am not landlord the person on phone is landlord and we sent it deposit through bank

If you dont get a reply from this landlord soon, contact Openrent and ask them to speak to him.

I got reply from his side he said i am letting agent not landlord
You have passed the reference and been accepted to rent the house.
Please send me your email address and I will send you a copy of the tenancy agreement.
We will meet at the house this Sunday at 2 pm to sign the tenancy agreement and give you the keys.

PrimeMove Property Consultants

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Ask for his details and check them out before paying any money.

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