Landlord fraud with me

He get holding deposit from me and i sm failed in reference and he said your holding deposit is my and i dont give you property as well open rent is not secure

He dont give me house and deposit as well what i do now

Why did you fail the checks?

He not justify my income after that he ask me statement then no reply he increase the property rent three time first time he refund my deposit nd said sory second time said we will continue after deposit no reply agent number swtich off

Given what youve said, I suggest you tell him that unless he refunds your holding deposit immediately then you will report him to the Council. Their Trading Standards office has the power to force him to refund it.

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Okey but open rent do nothing for me thwn why we use open rent it works for landlord only

Who have you contacted at Openrent and what did they say?

Hi all, i see a propert to rent in facebook - they have said they use open rent to rent the property and i can not get a viewing of the property unless i pay 1 month rent and a holding fee too! I just want to check is this normal? And i also can not find the property for rent on open rent site

not another one . Do not do it .You will lose your money .this is a scam . Be warned . Get OFF facebook. Only use open rent FIRST . send no money Never send money to people you do not know . Do not be desperate and make this mistake

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Ffs thank you already gave them some of my details - no money exchanged just felt it was doggy

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Very dodgy indeed. No genuine Landlord will operate this way

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Sorry to hear your experience Dilbagh. Did you lie or give any inaccurate information about your income when you applied?

I know some estate agents asking potential tenant to fill a Tenant Offer form when they pay the holding deposit. The form has a statement:
"The Holding Deposit will be withheld if

  1. You withdraw from the tenancy before the contracts are signed
  2. If you fail the government Right to Rent check
  3. If you provide false or misleading information
  4. If you delay the process of the let by nonresponse or the likes, for longer than 15 days"

This is to protect landlord if they paid for your referencing check, only found out that you provided misleading information to get the property. From landlord perspective, I came across a couple who lied about their CCJs. I wasted £40 on their credit checks, finding that they had terrible CCJ records. I returned their deposit on that occasion, and born the cost myself.

I pay holding deposit 900 pounds and I told her I can move in to the house anymore to refund my money now she block me. She said she will remove 50% because she remove the room from advertisement. She didn’t transfer any money and now she block my number

If £900 is more than 1 weeks rent then she has charhed you an illegal deposit. If you have her contact details report her to Trading Standards and call Shelter for help with getting your money back.

Okay thanks. I sent text message to her that I will report her no response back from her. She told me to report to police

Did you check that she owns the property? Did you view the property? did you pay thru Open rent?

I view the house and I transfer holding depot which is 900 pounds to her bank account. she told me that I will pay house rent whenever I want to move in. I told her that I am not interested moving in and I want her to transfer my money back. now she block me and no response

Once placed deposits are legally non refundable if you simply change your mind. The whole point of a holding deposit is to secure property and prevents others from having it. If you change your mind you lose it.

Holding deposit cannot be more then 1 weeks rent so £900 sounds like security deposit. How much is the rent?

£900 seems a lot for a holding deposit. How much was the monthly rent?

Monthly rent is 900 pounds and while holding deposit is 900 pounds. I paid 900 pounds for the holding deposit. She told me to pay 900 pounds for the holding deposit to secure the room