Landlord Entering accomodation when tenant not there without consent



Hi. I’m a tenant renting a studio flat. My landlord has said he wants to enter the property with his workman to change the meter. He sent a text telling me his intentions and asked if I’d be home. When I told him I won’t be home and if he could do it on another day when I would be home he objected saying the other tenants in the 3 other flats in the accommodation had all agreed to it. He said he can’t send his workman on a different day just for me because it would be inconvenient as the other 3 tenants in the flats in the house (it’s a house with 4 rooms rented to 4 different tenants but the rooms are called studio flats) had all agreed to the work being done either with them there or in their absence. So even though he texted asking if I’d be home, whenI told him I wouldn’t he more or less said well he has to do it then and only then so he’s going to enter the property anyway! So why bother asking if I’m going to be home? I thought it was against the law for a landlord to enter a property without the tenants permission. (unless it’s an emergency) Any advice please?

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Where is the flt located also how much per month im in need of a roof over my head a.s.a.p

It highly depends on what you are going to gain out of this argument really. He is trying to get some job done and nowadays getting time from tradesmen is difficult. Do you get on well normally?

is it possible that the electric to these meters is on one fuse so all need to be done at the same time to limit all the gadgets that will need reseting?

My reply to this question is here: Landlord Entering Flat when Tenant not there - #12 by perrygrovefarm

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