Tenant refuses access to property

Hi, I have a clause in the lease signed by the tenant stipulating the landlord can enter the property if s/he gives 24h notice. I have tried to arrange a mutually convenient time with the tenant (so that he can be home) for an inspection of the property, but he has cancelled several times over the past two months. I pay the utilities and the meter readings the tenant is sending are suspiciously low. Can I (or a representative since I am currently travelling) access the property by providing a 24h notice by email to the tenant? What are the rules around landlord’s access to property? The lease mentions notifications should be sent to the tenant’s email or physical address. Thank you.

i would at least get the meter moved to a place where you can read it independantly. Why does the tenant not pay the utilities directly?

I had some credit on my electricity account that I would have lost if I had closed it in my name. But I would like to know more about the legislation around access to the property.

If the tenant refuses entry then you have no legal right of access. The only exception is in an emergency - getting a meter reading isn’t one.

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Thanks, Roger, that’s my understanding as well. Thankfully, he has finally responded so we can arrange something together.

My old AST wording - and the current OpenRent AST states
item 9.34
To permit the Landlord to enter premises. at all reasonable times … by giving 24 hours notice…to inspect or to repair etc…

  • except if an emergency… when no notice needed - ie water running from under doorway etc…

I always give a suggested date and time and say “you do not need to be there” … and so far have never had any objections and usually tenant says" thats OK - I will not be there."…
hope that’s useful

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