Landlord has signed tenancy agreement and has breached contract

Hello All,
I recently found a property through a lettings agent, I’ve paid the holding deposit, damage deposit, one month rent in advance. I’ve signed the tenancy agreement aswell as the landlord. On the day of moving into the property (April 6th 2022), I was informed by the estate agent that the landlord no longer wants to go ahead with the tenancy and she’s not given a reason - however I believe it’s due to discrimination (I will not list the reason, but I’ve spoken to a few legal professionals).

Now I see the landlord is advertising her property on this website under a false name - despite there being a tenancy agreement in place, which I and my co-tenant have not mutually agreed to end.

Here is the property: London - 2 Bed Maisonette, Bushwood Drive, SE1 - To Rent Now for £1,800.00 p/m

I must warn people that throughout the whole process, the Lettings agent have breached the following protocols: Regulation 3 of The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, Regulations 5, The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, Clause (i) Schedule 2 of The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999, and Regulations 6 The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. There’s more however, my legal team are still looking into it.

The landlord and the lettings agents have lied throughout the whole process. Now they’re both at a stage where they’re throwing each other under the bus.

I’m just here to warn people. If you have any questions feel free to ask me :slight_smile:

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so you did not get the keys?

No I didn’t as I was at home getting ready to move into the property. On the morning I was meant to move into the property I got a call from the lettings agent saying she doesn’t want to proceed.

It’s crazy how the day before me and the landlord was messaging each other on WhatsApp, she even said words like “looking forward to meeting you” “see you tomorrow” “I would like future rent paid directly to me”

The tenancy agreement

tell them you will be off to a solicitor if you do not have the keys tomorrow. Sue them


I’ve told her this and she’s not responding. Prior to me telling her this she even told me multiple lies about the lettings agent

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I bet she has been offered more money as rent . Are you sure she owns it?

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This is the listing history. We offered £1750 a month, on the 11th March. Even if she was offered more for example £1800, it doesn’t excuse her breaching the tenancy.

I’m starting to think whether she owns it or not now. I would’ve assumed the lettings agents did their checks as they’re a well known lettings agents.


for a few quid with land registry you can check who owns it . Meanwhile get to that solicitor.

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Do you think it will be worth my while to get a court injunction

you need a solicitors advice on this. If i were a tenant I would get into the property and replace the locks Having a tenancy agreement with me. That is me tho … I say that even being a landlord. I cannot stand injustice


I’ve paid for the land registry, it’s even turned out that she used a different name on the tenancy agreement from what’s on the land registry (similar last names but spelt differently) and different first names. Am I allowed to write her name on here

Firstly, report the listing to Openrent. There is a link towards the bottom left (under the share buttons).

If the letting agent is a reputable agent they should be a member of a professional body and have a formal complaints procedure, so if they have breached all of the regulations above, and you have exhausted their internal complaints procedure, you can make a complaint to their professional body. If they aren’t then perhaps Trading Standards??

They should have done their customer due diligence to verify the identity of the landlord - it is a legal requirement. So they should have chapter and verse on the correct identity of the landlady and you are entitled to her name and address as tenant and the letting agent has a legal requirement to provide you with the information:,and%20address%20of%20the%20landlord.


I hope you are suing them for breach of contract.


I don’t think the lettings agent verified the landlord. Today I’ve emailed the letting a agency twice asking them whether they did, and they haven’t responded. Yet the agent are responding to my other emails that I sent to them today.

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I’ve spoken to the estate agent and they said it’s not a legal requirement

My agreements do not allow for change of locks without my consent as Landlord.
I believed this was a common clause in letting agreements.
But I do agree that there is a breach on the landlords part in this particular case

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I presume they will manage properties with income in excess of 10,000 Euros a month. In which case they should be registsred with HMRC and carrying out customer due diligence…

Letting agents to comply with Money Laundering Regulations | Propertymark.

… May be it only applies if they are managing the property though, not just advertising it for letting since I don’t remember Openrent asking me for ID??

I wish you every success in shining a very bright light on these agents and the landlord. Sound like complete toerags to me.