Landlord increasing rent during s21 notice period - is that legal/valid?

I’m a few weeks into a section 21 notice period. My landlord has contact me today with a document trying to increase my rent dramatically starting 1 months into the 2 month section 21.

Is this legal/valid?

No idea if it’s legal but seems a bit stupid. He’s probably trying to make sure you leave so putting pressure on you.

You don’t have to agree to a rent increase and don’t pay it as once you do it is deemed you have accepted it.

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Yes, pressure and continued harassment to leave the property is most likely the intention.

It’s about a fortnight until my next (and final) rent is due, which I pay monthly.

So surely this section 13 to increase rent is invalid or illegal?

Does anyone know if I need to fill out that tribunal document to reject this increase in rent?

Or is this s13 invalid and therefore I can ignore it?


If its properly worded and executed then its valid.


As a minimum, write back to the LL and state clealrly that you don’t accept the rent increase. If you are planning on leaving anyway at the end of the S21 notice that should be the end of it. If you are planning on staying on and entering a periodic tenancy then make sure you continue to pay your rent on time. Current waiting time for S21 evictions to work through courts is over 1 year. I’d start looking for somewhere else to live.


Am I misunderstanding the requirements?

It says on the section 13 form:
“The first requirement, which applies in all cases, is that a minimum period of notice must be given before the proposed new rent can take effect. That period is:
A one month for a tenancy which is monthly”

I pay my rent monthly.

So this s13 served a fortnight before my next rent is due is hardly meeting that requirement unless I’m misunderstanding it?

So the first increased rent would be at least a month after the service of the notice, so your next rent will be at the old rate.

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Well that is not what the landlord is saying.

The landlord has specified start of May as the date the new rent starts and is expecting to be paid the new increased rent at the start of May.

Just ask him what note 15 on the form means.

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That’s a good way of putting it! :grin: Will do.

Rent can be increased no more often than once every 12 months. If there’s a clause in the tenancy even mentioning the option of increasing rent, then it can be increased WITHOUT the ability to appeal it to the tribunal. - Contour Homes v Rowen 2007.


Well, why dont you speak directly to the landlord if you can. if you say you are going to leave in accordance with the s21 he will prob drop it unless he is a real dick. just maybe he is covering his bets, if you say you are not going it takes a while thru the courts and his claim would be bigger. you can challenge a rent increase of course plus you need a reference ideally see if you can find some common ground as there are a few factors at play here.
finally last year of course was a bumper increase in rents. many landlords are now selling up (like me) as the law is too much in favour of tenants now and the fines and consequences draconian even small infractions.

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Ok I am agree to request Indra mall

Based on what you have said I assume there is no rent review clause in your tenancy agreement. Even if there is, the landlord has clearly failed to implement it.
I agree the s13 notice appears to be invalid for two reasons. It has been served during the contractual term of your tenancy (it should only be served when that term has expired and you have a periodic tenancy), and it does not give enough notice.
If that’s correct then I would write to the landlord rejecting the notice and saying why.
But whether that’s the end of it depends on whether you plan to vacate at the expiry of the s21 notice. If you plan to stay then the landlord can issue a valid s13 notice when your periodic tenancy has commenced. The rules are here: Housing Act 1988
The landlord may not be trying to harass you, they may just be trying to protect themselves if you do not vacate after expiry of the s21 Notice. As Nilesh said, it takes a very long time to evict a tenant who opposes (or even just ignores) a s21 Notice. The landlord may be hoping that if you do stay in the property they will at least receive a higher rent.

So I contacted the landlord and let them know that the 2 weeks notice was invalid for a rent increase to start at the beginning of May. And that I rejected the rent increase.

And the reply I got was I had to go to tribunal to dispute the rent increase.

And I replied that because the section 13 was invalid for the dates given, I did not need to go to tribunal.

And they replied if I did not go to tribunal I was accepting the rent increase.

I don’t see how not going to tribunal for an invalid s13 somehow means I accept the rent increase when I have clearly stated I reject the rent increase and explained to the ll how it was invalid?

The notice is invalid for any period less than a month later but may be valid for subsequent rent payments. I would proceed with payments accordingly. If they attempt to make a deduction from your deposit, you just dispute it with the scheme. They should not win.

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