Landlord notice to tenant - periodic tenancy

Hi. My property has been rented on a 6 month AST. 12/Oct/2018 to 11/Apr/2019.
The tenant stayed on, so it’s now a periodic tenancy. I now need to move back into my property.

Do I need to give one months notice, now that it is periodic (month to month rental), or two months notice as within the section 12 paragraph in the initial 6 month AST?

If it is two months, what date does the two month notice start from? For example is it from the date the notice was served (eg if I give notice today 15/May - which would mean tenant last day in my property would be 15/Jul) ?

Or from when the AST ended 11/Apr?

Or from the last periodic tenancy term eg 11/May?? As now monthly

secondly, if I have to give two months notice today (15/May/2019) - how do I give notice, do I write an email or letter? Can I do this via openrent ? Do I need to provide a section 21 (6a)? Or section 8? Letter too ???

Thanks !!

Hi Jemma-Lousie,

It’s 2 months’ notice, beginning on the day the notice is received by the tenant and expiring on the last day of a rental period.

We have a lot of guidance on his this is done, so well worth checking out the following links. But we always recommend speaking to the tenant and seeing if you can surrender the tenancy via mutual agreement, as that is always simplest.

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Hi Sam, is it still 2 months if the rent is paid weekly?

For clarity I gave my tenant a fixed term tenancy for 12 months in April 2015 for monthly rent. This of course expired and we did did not renew so they automatically acquired a “statutory periodic tenancy”. The tenant now pays weekly and has for at least the last 2 years.

The article by your colleague Tessa Shepperton suggests that as the fixed term has ended and the rent is paid weekly then the notice period is also weekly.

I don´t think my tenant wants to leave and so I want to ensure I ask them to leave correctly and in a manner that does not cause delays.