Periodic Tenancy Notice Period

I am leaving a rented house and had a 12 month AST which has expired, no new formal contract, so believe I am now legally on a (implicit) Periodic Tenancy.
The AST stated 2 months notice required, but I have heard that because it’s 12 month period has passed, and no new contract, that my Periodic Tenancy position only requires 1 month notice (my preference).
Is this correct please?
Thanks for any info on this.

I believe one month is correct.

Its 1 month from the rent due date so if your next rent is due on say 20th August you would be able to give notice to leave by 20th September, provided the notice is given before 20th August.

Some LL will allow you to go mid month and do pro rata rent but they don’t have to.

Hi, sorry to piggyback on this thread but I also have a periodic tenancy and now the government has extended notice period to 6 months!

Can anyone advise whether this 6 month notice period also applies to periodic tenancies or would it just be applicable to fixed terms?

Hello. To all tenanciesI believe.

To clarify…I thought the 6 months notice only apply if landlord gives notice,
but still 1 month if tenant gives notice.

That is correct ( but just read the contract for tenant notice period.,standard is one month some have two months for periodic)
As of June it will be a four month notice period for the Landlord and two months from 1 August
However those notice periods in existence for six months will be reduced to four months from June

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