Landlord selling property

My neighbour and friend “F”, died in August 2021, having made a new Will, leaving everything to her sister, cutting out her son who never visited her, except when she was dying.

F, before she died, asked me to look after the property and offered it to me for as long as I wanted to live there, on a very reasonable rent £400 pcm. She died at her sister’s, having cleared the property ready for me move across the road from my previous rented house.

My lease had F as the landlord for a while and then her sister became landlord (as she had inherited the house) and issued a new AST.

F’s son has been to Mediation and has apparently been awarded half the estate. F’s sister/my landlord has taken out a loan to pay him off and now says she has to sell, although acknowledges that this would be completely against F’s wishes.

I will now, at the age of 72, be homeless, and given the high rental charges in my area, cannot find anywhere to live. My lease runs out on 24 February 24 and then presumably will be issued with a Section 21 Notice which will prompt the Council to help I suppose. I am thinking of offering £200 per month more in rent.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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