Landlord threats

My landlord called my guarantor because I asked them to text me instead of calling me as I was at work, previous to this I was requesting the heating to be turned on for the night as it was so cold I had to sit with my outside clothes on, they said that i should be wearing long sleeves in door and that it’s not that cold and the people upstairs have their windows open (they did not) , after explaining to her that downstairs is colder then upstairs.
she decided to call me and ignore my request to text me instead, and then decided to call the guarantor instead.

The next day my landlord came to my door to discuss the call issue and told me that they called the guarantoor because i did not pick up
And after i told them that they shouldn’t be contacting the guarantor since i dont owe them money they just told me that i cant tell them who not to call and how my room is the coldest room in the house and how i should move to a different one, i let them know that i do not wish to change rooms and they told me that its not up to me but up to them and threatened to give me an eviction notice and how they can easily find a tennant that dosent stay in the room as much

Is this how they should be acting? They won’t text me anymore and I can’t always pick up the phone, what do I do?

This is harrasment, keep a good record of all that happens and is said. You can get assistance from your local council