Landlord unable to honour signed contract

For various reasons, our landlord cannot let us occupy on the agreed date (previous tenant will not vacate).
What do we do?

Hi Paul, Sorry to hear this. That sounds very frustrating indeed.

The best thing may be to come to an agreement with the landlord about how to proceed.

Otherwise, your options would seem to be:

  • write off letting that property, get all the money you paid back, and find a new home
  • suing the landlord for any loses you will incur from their failure to meet the terms of the tenancy agreement you signed

Very frustrating situation — hope it is sorted for you soon!

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it is not possible to sign the AST with tenants in situ is it?
what about the handover takeover and inventory, surly if one pre-signs the AST is can not be completed if the Inventory and handover has never taken place?

Property was being renovated following water damage, so new kitchen and carpets are being fitted and existing tenant is in temporary accommodation and had been served notice to quit last year, but this was , it turns out, not done properly and they want to come back. Despite never paying rent and other issues which are Sub Judice.

That sounds a little messy and also sounds like you don’t want existing people back, if you check all your paperwork through properly you may find a way round your sticky situation

That’s our landlords problem, we’ve signed a contract and paid a deposit and first month’s rent.

I see you’re the tenant I thought you was the landlord I understand now well if the landlord has messed up resulting in you benefiting as you seem to be then that’s another thing altogether and good luck to you I don’t have any sympathy for any landlord making mistakes Which are costly because we all have to learn and the hard way is definitely the best way in property