Landlords insurance update

I’m about to renew my landlords/buildings insurance, they always ask if my tenants are working, previously this was yes, but now I don’t know.

They seem to be home all the time, I have a feeling they are drawing benefits as neither one can carry out their role at home. It is not interfering with their rent or due date, so none of my business.

Do I have to ask them for the purpose of a correct insurance policy?

Hi Tracy, I’m interested to see what other landlords have to say on your situation.

It could be the case that your tenants are on the government furlough scheme, and so neither employed nor using the regular benefit system. It could be worth calling your insurance provider to find out how far you are expected to go in order to learn their employment status.


I am confused. Landlords cannot now state no DSS but insurance can? I think it may mean a variation in cover. As for asking these questions I believe that will contravene the privacy laws. As usual landlords are caught in the middle of the deep blue sea.

It would be interesting to find out how it affects your premiums.

I answered “yes as far as I know” to the insurance question.