Landlords & Letting Agents

As a landlord myself originally I love to use Openrent to let out my properties, I have had much success with professional tenants here who have stayed much longer than their usual tenancies.
With that being said I took the plunge 8 months ago to start my Lettings business helping other landlords source tenants for their properties. I keep getting asked by Landlords if I can setup an advert for their property on Openrent so I can advertise it on their behalf. My question for Openrent is, is there not some type of multi advert package offered where a landlord or letting agent with a lot of rooms / properties could pay a yearly price for a certain amount of adverts? On other platforms like Spareroom this is offered and it seems like a good idea for this too?

Look forward to hearing back anything from the community. Hope everyone’s lettings are going well!