Landord ghosted us with our deposit

There is a bad situation with this landlord who doent return deposit back.
After we moved from his property at the end of tenancy agreement on 1st november with no issue at all we were supposed to get full deposit back but we were completely ghosted/ignored for 15 days since we ended the tenancy with out a word/reason why are we delayed.
No answers on calls, whatsapp or email and we tried everyday to get in contact with the landlord why there isn’t any response.
The landlord has to return us £400 deposit wich he didn’t registered in the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme by giving us a speech that’s he is not working with the Government and it’s a headache to do more paper works and cost and that he is using a and he is using a “two month payment in advance” scheme and doing a great act of a gentleman and a man of honor, genuinely good person and trustful until I just found out he is a pathological liar. (I still have phone calls recorded that he is taking money as deposit/2months in advance.
On 14.11.2019 I’ve decided to visit my landlord’s house and ask him whats going on with everything so I arrived with my little brother there and we start to ring and knock on the window were the Landlord wife was watching tv and were she heard us she just left the room and we were thinking she will come to great us but no response for 15 min and we were outside in rain so as we were leaving he called us to and asking to stop showing up at his door and saying “get solicitors dickhead” and “if you want your money you have to fight for it” sadly this call was on my little brother phone and doesn’t have a call recorded.
I expected at least a reason, a lie at least that we done something but only think we ever heard was get solicitors dickhead” and “if you want your money you have to fight for it”.
He doesn’t say the reason for all of this because he avoids the existence of a deposit and self expose himself because if he would say a reason why not returning deposit then would prove he has our money.
We were 3 tenants, 2 brothers and a friend and monthly rent was £600 and another £600 as deposit, our friend left before last month and he didn’t pay the last month because Landlord himself said on our last month we use that deposit but later he called me to come to see us and explain us that he would like me and my little brother to keep paying as normal because he needs to be sure the property would be in good condition and we get money in our accounts when we move out and for reasonable reasons we agreed.
I will include the calls proofs about first payments and deposit were he is asking £1200 total, banks transfers also gonna try to find the receipt he gives us, a very tiny piece of paper just perfect to get it lost.
just feel he is a very skilled scammer and if must I’ll take him to court but I never done such thing in my life and I don’t know the process, Im willing to pay and provide anything to get the matter resolved so would be the best to investigate before allowing him continuing using open rent and do same thing to new tenants.
He isn’t aware of those 2 calls that are attached here, please help us to stop this scamming process that he is doing on open rent.
Please look at all the proof here :

Hi Antyss, Really sorry to hear about this.

Firstly, I’d recommending speaking to Shelter’s advice team. They will be able to assist with your specific circumstances and help you get your deposit back.

I can’t offer much direct help, but I can explain what the rules are for deposits.

If you paid a deposit at the start of the tenancy, then the landlord has a responsibility to register it with a deposit protection scheme. If they did not do this within 30 days of you paying the deposit and then serve you the ‘prescribed information’ on how it was protected, then they have failed in that responsibility and they could be liable to pay a fine of up to three times the deposit’s value.

Legally speaking, the deposit money is your money. It doesn’t matter if it is the landlord’s bank account. I hope knowing this gives you hope that there could be a way of resolving this in your favour if you get in touch with Shelter.

Register a claim via small claims online. Cost 25 pounds and you get that back plus 8percent if judgement goes against him.

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