Last month rent

My rent paying date is on 9th March, but as per notice we will vacate the house on 13th of March… do i have to pay rent for 9th March for whole month or should i ask the landlord/agent to adjust 5 days (9-13) rent from holding deposit?

Does that mean your tenancy period runs from 9th to 8th of each month? If so then who gave notice to whom? If you gave notice, it should probably have aligned with the tenancy period to be valid. If youve been allowed to stay on a few extra days then the landlord could charge you for a whole month if they wish. If you stayed on for extra days against the landlords wishes, they can charge you a daily rate of double the rent. If youre leaving as a result of a s21 notice then the landlord has to charge you only for any extra days past your tenancy period at the normal rate. So you see, it all depends…

Thanks for your response… yes tenancy rent period is 9th to 8th of each month… and the contract will end on 9th of April… so we will have 25 days remaining in contract after we leave… we are new to this and first time dealing with tenancy in UK so gave notice on 13th of Jan… we are thinking that we would not have to pay for March rent and can landlord take 5 days rent from deposit? or we can pay just for 5 days that we are going to stay extra?

I’m assuming that you mean 9th March not April and 5 days not 25 days. You should understand that detail matters in tenancy agreements. Your notice is invalid because you are unable to serve notice during the fixed term of a tenancy. Has your landlord formally accepted it? If not, then you should probably ask him to and see what he says. You should probably negotiate, but unless you leave on or before the last day of your fixed term, (which you can do without notice or penalty), then you are committed for at least a further 2 months, as you cannot serve a valid notice until the second day of a periodic tenancy.

Sorry about the confusion… my contract is ending on 9th of April and we are vacating the flat 25 days before the contract end… and as per contract i could leave after 6 months anytime giving 2 months notice… as we gave notice on 13th of Jan, our notice is ending on 13th of March, hope i was clear this time.

Well thats a completely different senario. What does your break clause actually say.

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