Landlord asking for rent after serving notice

I am on a periodic tenancy (month to month) with an agreement of 1 month notice.
I served my landlord the 1 month notice on the 3rd of October, which happens to be the same say that my payments come out each month.
The landlord is insisting that unless they find a new tenant before the 3rd of November, that I will need to pay on the 3rd of November (I won’t be living there anymore by this point.)
Is my landlord right to do this?

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You need to look at your tenancy agreement. You need to ensure you have given the correct notice. The rent payment date may be out of sync with the tenancy month. Speak to the LL to work out why they think the extra rent is due.


Exactly as @lucinda5 says. If your notice is not valid, the landlord can ignore it. Unless the TA says otherwise or your landlord accepted the notice, it has to be a minimum of a month and end on the first or last day of a month. If 3rd of the month is the first day of your monthly tenancy period, then it cant end on 2nd of the following month as thats a few hours less than a month. It could validly end on 3rd of the following month though. The notice also has to be in writing and unequivocal, stating the day on which you will leave.

You should talk to the landlord as this may not even be the issue and he may just be confused.

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