Late rent payments

I have never had any experience of tenants on benefits.
And he was not at the beginning of the tenancy but is now currently claiming HB.
His last three months rent payments have been late.
His £1250.00 rent is due on the 09 of each month however I have been receiving it on the 19th of the month with no explanation.
It shows in my bank acc as UC £1000.01 and then the tenant pays the remaining £250.00. When asked for an explanation for the consistently late payment he claims “housing benefit gets paid directly to you now on the 19th, this is out of my control as they pay direct to the landlord”

Is this for real ?

What’s the source of the payment on bank statement? Yes it’s possible and is the preferred method otherwise it’s like putting the rat in charge of the cheese.

so you get it a bit late and he does top it up? If so , count your blessings so far

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The payments shows as an automatic pay in and while I appreciate he is paying his rent I find it inconceivable the DWP would put him in breach of his tenancy agreement ? hence asking the question.
Regardless it does not warrant him paying his portion of the rent late .

Unfortunately everyone has to jump to DWPs tune.

I agree he should not pay his part late.

As Colin said, I would be relieved that it’s actually arriving and regularly.

That’s the issue with all this locals, always dependant on government for one benefits or the other, anytime the government stops the benefits the landlord is not getting paid again,what a thing :disappointed:

I don’t believe UC are paying him late at all.
He is simply withholding his rent to be bloody awkward as he has been throughout his tenancy. A rent increase takes effect next month, and I served a sect 21 & 8 if he’s still there Aug he will have court costs to add to his arrears.

I have informed both or local Council and the HA who asked me for a reference, that he is in rent arrears.

Once he is 8 weeks in arrears you can apply to DWP to get the rent paid to you directly.

Thanks David,

The situation has taken a somewhat bizarre turn and is the subject of a separate post.

Subject :- Delusional blackmailing tenant.
your input as to my next step would be appreciated.