How long did it take you to get somewhere to live?

Hello all,

I’ve been looking on here for a little while now. I’m almost 50, young disabled child, have my own charity, glowing references both professional and landlord
on benefits as I’m a full time mum.

It’s not easy getting to view places, and speak with the landlord as I’m not even given that chance :pensive:

I know there’s rogue tenants who give us all a bad name.
But, my goodness, I’m just seeking equity.

So, how long did it take you to find your ideal home on here?


Unfortunately you have the government to blame for this. In most cases benefits are paid directly to tenant and not landlord so the risk of tenant not passing it on is considered high.

Also, housing benefits are paid in arrears and also I don’t believe it’s paid per calendar month.

Huge shortage of properties means a lot of applicants per property, so a landlord will pick the perceived lower risk option.

Note how I said perceived, people are individuals but it’s impossible to assess them fully in advance. Current landlord references don’t mean alot as no landlord will give bad feedback on a tenant they want out.

I’m not going to discuss the ins and out as it’s been done a hundred times on here. I would suggest visiting estate agents in person and build up rapport so they can see who you are with no pre conceptions.

There are many landlords who will rent to benefits tenants so do not lose faith.


Thanks Mark10, that’s all really helpful to know🙂

There is the option for HB tenants to pay directly to the landlord (as I do, one less thing for me to sort each month, and landlord is happy). Maybe if the government makes changes so that all HB is paid to landlords directly as standard, that’ll make things better for both genuine tenants and landlords?

Yes, I’ve been popping in/calling the agents who were positive towards me and little one on a weekly/fortnightly basis to touch base.
I’m starting to suspect that I’ll get a place on here purely by another tenant being unreliable and the landlord picking me out of desperation, before realising that I’m a good, sound bet after all!:face_with_hand_over_mouth::woman_shrugging:t5:

there is the option to have the rent paid direct to the landlord Did you know the tenant can cancel this and the landlord has no say?? No hb tenants for me because of this


@Colin3, No, I hadn’t realised this flaw.
Although, same applies for tenants who may lose their job and cancel their standing order🤷🏾‍♀️

that is so … I have rented out for 40 years to employed and 99% have never missed a beat.


As an update.
Most properties don’t accept families. And those that do rarely accept UC. Then when I state my child’s disability I’m told the apartment isn’t available, despite the advert still being live.
I even provided bank statements, references, UC statements, only for the potential landlord to say he’s favouring someone else. Not great for data protection, and I’m wondering if it was a scam.
It’s not a family friendly site (there isn’t even an option to filter family homes, but there is for students🙄), and out of the dozen landlords I’ve spoken to directly, only one was genuinely nice and explained that his insurance wouldn’t cover my tenancy.
Will definitely continue with letting agents, I give up with this site, 0 stars from me.
Thanks for the advice anyway.

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Tammy, very sorry to hear of your bad experiences, it must be really difficult, with your attitude I would rent to you every day of the week.


Sorry for the saltiness. And I’m usually an upbeat, glass half full kind of person.
There is now a viewing coming up for a different apartment, so will try my best!


@Natalia21 write to your MP requesting that housing benefit is only paid direct to landlord as it makes it almost impossible to find accommodation the way it is now.

Also request that its processed much quicker, and that landlord doesn’t have to pay it back if it turns out that a fraudulent claim has been made by tenant.

See why many landlords won’t rent to HB claimants now?

Also remind them of the fundamental lack of available social housing.

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@Natalia21 Thank you.

Problem is DSS claimants include former high offending prison convicts, asbos along with those of us who are quite frankly not like that at all.

And it shouldn’t be this way.

When DSS recipients can show proof of disability living allowance receipts, and offer to pay the landlord rent directly, along with bank statements, genuine references from official organisations, then we should be given a chance.

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This usually isn’t possible, also can be reversed at any time when it is actually allowed.

This is a big problem.

For it to work it must be the default payment method and it cannot be changed.

Benefits Tenants should write to MPS to get this changed if they want landlords to consider them more.


But we’d still have the problem of repeat offender convicts accessing private rented sector (which is probably the factor behind landlords refusing DSS) instead of receiving support services for their underlying issues eg substance misuse, or whatever got them into prison in the first place🤔

Genuinely interested to see what changes can be made.

It’s impossible to distinguish in advance the good from the bad in any particular group.

Benefits claimants are definitely higher risk, check out the rent arrear stats for this group.

Affordably is often an issue with HB usually falling short. Certain types of landlord insurance often isn’t possible when having benefits claimants.

Theres just so many applicants per property now and so they will choose the low risk tenant.

Having rent paid direct changes things significantly.

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For anyone following the thread, yep,still looking…
There are even less properties now which accepts UC tenants compared to last month. So out of a dozen alerts, only around 4 will say they accept UC. Then at least one changes their listing so as not to accept UC a few days after advertising🙄

I have also been to viewings where the landlord has chosen non UC tenants, reference checked them, then found they’re unreliable, lied on their application, don’t have a valid visa, are applying for more tenants to live in the property than originally stated etc.
So the advert briefly says property taken, then goes back on the market again a few days later.
I message the landlord again to say I’m still interested, worth a try I guess.

Can you volunteer upfront evidence of never being late with rent payment (IE years worth of bank statements), that you easily pass affordability and that you have a clear credit history?

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Yep. Did this today. Showed my bank statements, going back over a year, my universal credit statements over a year, and the additional child maintenance payments I receive.

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Oh, and my credit score, which is good.

Bank of England have said recently that a third of landlords have left the market. If this isn’t an indication of how bad it is for landlords then I don’t know what is.

Tenants must write to their MPs if they want to ease the situation. Your rents will continue to rise and UC tenants will have even less chance once new regulation comes into practice.

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