Leak issue - what are my rights?

Hi looking for advice
We have a leak it has been reported to the landlord. Had a plumber out yup got a leak, floor boards lifting. nothing for 2 weeks,floor boreds lifting even more, another plumber comes out yup, serious leak can feel the dampness, prob have to move out :pensive: and pull floor up etc
That was Friday morning heard nothing.
We went away for weekend as had enough and it’s so hot and humid from leak. Come back floor even worse. Contacted landlord he chasing and arguing who’s responsible him or the agency etc.
Where do I stand as this is getting unbareable to live in. I’m worried will come back from work and water everywhere, meter is going round too
Please advise

Get on to Landlord again and ask how much rent reduction is he willing to give

Hi Michelle, yes you do have rights if your property becomes uninhabitable due to defects or repairs. You can find out more from Shelter, who can give you direct advice.

So leak has finally been fixed after 3 plumbers being out and about 4-6 after reporting it
We have temp flooring over where leak was and floor ripped up, but floor in hall and bathroom is still uneven where it has pushed up.
We stayed at my other half’s parents while this was done and landlord gave £190 back about 4 and half days worth of rent even thou we stayed out for the week.
I have now submitted water reading and we are £293 in debit, with a temp floor and pushed up floor boards with 2 tiny dehumidifier’s.
This can’t be right???

show your landlord the water bill

Water bill I have he keeps saying going through insurance

He has insurance? Keep on at him!