Re housing tenants


Just wonder if anyone has come across a similar issue or if anyone has a view that they are happy to share with me.

My currrent tenants experienced a leak in the bathroom down into the kitchen and I have tried to fix it. Key issue is that that the bathroom is old and needs updating…,which I plan to do as soon as existing tenants move out.

If the leak comes back am I able to suggest that the tenants move out for a period of time for me to arrange for the installation of a new bathroom. Fully understand that it would cause the tenants significant inconvenience whilst the work is being done ( and they continue to live there as there’s only one bathroom) and wonder if I can suggest that they move into my other property which is only 2 mins walk away. Both properties have 3 bedrooms and the other property is in better condition but is an end of terrace house rather than semi detached. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

That is a great idea but if they do not move they will be in a house without paperwork and if there is a problem you are stuck
Can you take the risk?
May be better for you to ask insurance to pay for alternative accommodation

I suggest just patching it up until they leave or you risk turning the relationship sour.

The other alternative is to ask them whether they are willing to sign a new lease for the other property (if empty) and let this property to a new person once refurbished.

You’re not going to get money from the insurance company as the bathroom is old and you could see this coming (unless you commit fraud and lie on the claim).

Question is: why didn’t you refurbish the bathroom before they moved in? Always more convenient to sort out between periods.

Last option would be to enquire whether they are going on holiday at some point and arrange for works to be carried out then.

Do they work? Plumbers usually leave some form of water and change and connect the sanitary wear pretty quickly.

Maybe they would accept some form of compensation for the inconvenience but difficult to do things with people still in situ.

Could the bulk of the work be done over a weekend and you offer to put them up in a hotel ? Good plumbers would have it pretty much done over 2 days

Thank you all for taking the time to reply….really appreciated