Legal to have use rented property for business

Hi All
I just found out from Internet that my property address is being used for business. There is a live limited registration of company at my rented property by tenants.

I need to check with AST says but remember it’s not allowed for business. Correct??

Any comments will be welcomed and the any suggested action?

Thanks in advance.

Well if they are just using it as the place for computer eg as an office, where is the harm in that ? If for storage of goods thats a differents matter . I have used a room in my home as an office for 50 years. What type of company is it? Are they good paying tenants?

Hi Colin
Thabks for reply.
I am not directly aware from tenants but from govt record it’s shows
Nature of business (SIC)

  • 56103 - Take-away food shops and mobile food stands.

Must be using kitchen excesdively!!!???
They are good tenants and one of from couple pair lost his job and looks like he started this business. Nothing wrong to start business but I m worried as they have used residential address for business registration, does this legally allowed??
Before registering they have to ask me? Do I need to I form my mortgage lender and insurance company??

Have you been to your property to check storage etc,. They must not use the kitchen to prepare food for sale without being inspected by the local council . My daughter makes cakes for sale and has her kitchen pass a hygene test in her own home. Your insurance and mortgage lender will not be too happy if kitchen is being used in this manner However it might just be alll paperwork , maybe they have a commercial unit somewhere that you dont know about. I have one for storage , but do all my paperwork at home, You need to do an inspection and ask questions . Let us know how you get on Regards ColinPS "take away food shops " if they have food shops they should use one of these as the business registration

OK thanks
Will do inspection

Hi Colin
Just enquired with tentants and they wanted to use kitchen for their business.
They are now asking me supply consent form that Im agree for their business. Havent sign or say yes or no them yet.
Need advice first from experts, what can I do or not???

I m visiting them this Saturday and talk in person rather then emails or call.
I know one of them loss their job during this time. Also will talk to insurance company.
But they said they are to use kitchen for their food business and need my consent.
Does insturance or mortgage people allowed??

more important than all that is what the council think… They need to inspect that the kitchen passes certain standards, IF you give consent… Insurance and mortgage company need to be told. Lots of food preparation will involve a greater fire risk… Put a fire extingusher in if you go ahead