Letting agency attempts committing fraud, consequences?

We have served notice to end our tenancy because of our letting agency’s repeated attempts to scam us. They have made several legally incorrect statements and tried to lure us into agreeing to pay for things that we are legally not obliged (or even supposed to) pay for. They clearly just hoped that we are not familiar with our legal rights. One example was my previous thread. There is no goodwill left between me and the letting agency, we have already found a new place to live, and I think their actions clearly go under “attempted fraud”. I don’t feel it’s right if there are no further consequences for the agency. They will simply try to scam the next tenant. Where can I report them so that it actually has an effect?

Local council… Trading standards… Property ombudsman… The Housing Ombudsman… Shelter . .Citizens Advice.

Hi Bastian, all of Colin’s suggestions are good.

Local authorities are the primary enforcers of much of our housing law, including the Tenant Fees Act.

The Property Ombudsman might be the best place to go for more immediate help, since their lettings team only deal are specialised in rental issues, and all agents must be a member.