Liability? Me or them?

Hi, I’m a new tenant and was just looking on some perspective.

I signed for a property via a Lettings agent recently, I was told upon signing the inventory showed some cleaning discrepancies however I don’t mind cleaning so was happy to proceed. I’d had a viewing and was told everywhere would be painted etc.

however upon further inspection the house is a complete mess, the paint is patchy and dirty, carpet is worn, stained and stinks, there are nails sticking out of the walls and patchy paint all over the doors and stair rail, it looks like it’s been painted with tippex and the house looks like a glorified crack den.

ive reported it back to the Lettings agent today and they were going to contact the LL, but I’m scared I’ll be responsible for this. I’ve just fled DV and money isn’t really a strong point at the moment. There is even pen scribbled all over the radiators and I only received the full inventory report AFTER signing.

am I liable for this or is the LAndlord or Lettings agent?

Did you not meet at the property to sign the paperwork? I have had 2 landlords/agencies tell me on viewings that things will be put right or redecorated before moving in and I then ask what date has been arranged for said work to start and with me (or any tenant really) having to give one months notice on current home I always request a viewing again before my actual move in date or I drive to the property to check if work is going on. I see so many stories of tenants being distraught that the home is covered in mold or holes in floors etc because LL’ have told them it’s going to be done before move in that it’s a mistake I wouldn’t wish to make. I believe a good LL would want to show their property at its best as it’s a reflection on themselves IMO just as if they visited my home and it had holes in walls and dirty they wouldn’t let to me would they? Unfortunately legally they don’t have to do anything that’s just cosmetic so all you can do is ask them to put it right which the fact they’ve tried to just paint in patches needed shows they don’t care about the tenants and it’s all about just getting in the money.

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Also meant to ask when did you actually get the keys and did you not take photos yourself? I also do this as it’s always a must to take date stamped photos to show how they do/ or do not compare to the inventory photos. If you’ve just moved in, in the last few days then take the photos now and email them to the agent especially if they are completely different to the advert/listing photos as many like to use photos taken 6 years before or the last time it was fully decorated.

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Did you view the property before saying you would take it?

Speak with Shelter and no harm in contacting the Council too.

As Julie said, take photos, keep records of communications, phone calls follow up with an email to them what was discussed.

It sounds disgusting, good luck.