Tenants want to decorate, do I create two inventories?

One before their decoration in the house’s original state and create another one after their inventory is done? I’m happy with them adding new carpet and repainting the walls as it’s about 5 years of out date, but in terms of covering myself at end of tenancy, I need photos of their work and see any damage

Any advice appreciated


If they are doing the painting and paying for carpet you can only do initial inventory which would be the benchmark for when they leave. You can’t charge them for damaging their own work/what they paid for!

If it hasn’t been done for more than 5 years the deposit people would just deem it needs redoing anyway.


Interesting, so if they paint it brand spanking white at the beginning and by the end it’s got lots of smudges and marks on the white wallpapers it’s on me to get it back to shape right?

If the position is no worse than what it would have been with fair wear and tear on the current paintwork then yes.

Painting requires your approval so you could say you wish to approve any colour choices if you wish to avoid white rather than just giving blanket approval.


Thanks Richard, they’ve sent videos of their current rental property where they changed the walls to white and it looks good. I’ll just inform them that the inventory I take at the beginning is the benchmark as you said

Many thanks

if they are good tenants and good painters you are on a winner

Please discuss first what colour they would like to paint.

Because if they want to use very dark colours and if you have given them property with wire paint it would be very difficult.

I have a tenant and she asked me paint walls in kitchen and bathroom but she said she will return in same condition as before. I just allowed her as she has been living for a long time and she had bright dark red paint for me I would not use that colour on walls even it’s my favourite colours to buy a dress or Indian saree.

I would expect the property to return in the same condition as I have given especially if I have given the newly painted apartment with high ceilings as it cost a lot for painting.

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I would never let tenants paint a property. If their standards are not the same as yours you will have little scope for redress. If it needs painting and new carpet I would suggest you get this done and put the rent up to cover the costs.

I understand your point but I disagree, if it means helping their decision to stay longer in a house that feels like their home then decorate away. I’ve advised them that it all should be done by a professional and they’ve agreed. I’m not losing sleep over them changing a blue wall into white :slight_smile:

Plus when we bought the house, the carpet was in a decent condition but a fugly brown and lived in. New tenants want to fit a modern soft grey carpet who am I to say no…


i always say paint in a pastel shade. I did have a male tenant who painted the small hallway black . Another reason why I favour female tenants they usually have better taste

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Likewise both in choice of colour and tenants.

You must do an initial inventory with pictures before they take possession. AST to state your house must be returned in no worse condition than at start of tenancy, details of any proposed decorating must have your written approval before commencing and must be completed to professional standards. You don’t want to be left with a DIY mess, black walls with pentangles etc. Remind them that you don’t want to have to make deduction from their deposit to return it to the condition as at the start of their tenancy.

Be easy on yourself and tenants. You have an inventory so that can be used at the end unless you have approved the painting.
Letting tenants paint has advantages that you don’t have to do it, they’ll probably be longer term because it’s more a home. And if it’s a mess and they have been long term so what, you have to decorate anyway. If short term then you have the deposit to pay for redecorating.

I’ve approved their painting of white for the living room. I haven’t created a custom clause though. Do I need to or is just stating to them over text that the houses should not be in a worse condition than before the decorating?

And what does that mean. Unless the clause is properly drafted by someone who knows the law and it is specific and measureable, then you haven’t got a hope of enforcing it.

I know someone the exact same thing happened to.

If you have agreed to the painting and its in writing e.g. an email, then theres nothing else to do.

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