Lodger for reLet lanord

I have been renting out my property as I’ve moved away. I got really lucky with my tenants but still the stress was a lot being so far away.
I’m now going back to the area more than ever but I can’t move permanently back yet due to family health issues.
Can I rent out one of my rooms instead to a lodger, and keep the other one for me when I visit? It will be there at least once a month and for about 13 full weeks too. I’m not trying to dodge tax or anything… but I want to be able to stay, and deal with any issues when I’m there.

you can rent a room out . But a lodger can have as many rights as a tenant ,so google . renting out a room to a lodger

You can rent out individual rooms, but if you dont live there, then the other occupants will be AST tenants even if you give them a lodger agreement. You want a room only tenancy agrerment which gives only a licence to use the communal spaces. The Councll tax would be down to you and you should probably also pay all the bills and charge an inclusive rent. You can then freely use one any of the free bedrooms.

You should also check that any mortgage and insurance will allow this arrangement and dont forget that any more than 2 tenants will make it an HMO.