Separate Tenancy Agreements?


Currently have 3 tenants under a joint contract. The problem is when one moves out mid-contract we have to cancel the whole contract, return all the deposits, and then restart the whole thing again.

Is there a way to separate out the tenancies with Open Rent to make the process a bit easier?


Is it a flat-share of some sorts? I’m assuming it’s not individual flats in a house as they would be separate contracts.

It’s a tricky thing to have separate contracts. Technically, it’s possible, but the idea of the LL being able to unilaterally put a random tenant in the empty bedroom would scare many tenants off.


Thanks for the answer and yes just the one house for sharing.

I always allow the tenants to sort out who moves in as they’re the ones who will ultimately live with the person and we have a clear understanding with that.

But if it would be a matter of separate contracts then this I think would not be the best way forward.

You would have to do room only contracts. If the tenants are strangers then this model is advisable. You will be responsible for the Council Tax so charge an inclusive rent. Its already an HMO with 3 unrelated tenants so just make sure you comply with all the HMO Management Regulations and check whether your Council requires a licence for 3 person HMOs.

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