Looking for a Ground Floor Flat & Somewhere that accepts a Cat

My Partner and I are looking for a two bedroom flat within an hours journey by public transport of Central London. With a preference to a ground floor and access to a garden and ideally with a direct contact to the Landlord. Also a landlord who will accept one mature cat. We cant afford agency fees .
Our maximum budget would be £800 pcm

Agents are not allowed to charge tenants fees now since the Tennant Fees Act 2019. Other than referencing fees.

I wasn’t aware of this, as I am currently renting a property from a private landlady. When we moved in 11 years ago, we were very lucky in that, a deposit wasn’t required. So our main problem is saving up for a deposit and until then, we are kind of stuck where we are.

no fees can be charged to you. It has always been a rip off

Good luck with your search.
Even if you rent through an agency the Tenancy should have the landlords name and address on it and they have to give it if asked, although a lot of incompetent agents around unfortunately.