Ground floor flat - safety?


I have found a what looks to be a nice 2 bed ground floor flat . We are relocating for work purposes and this flat is literally a mile and a half from my place of work .
Unfortunately I was meant to view it today however have tested positive for Covid so had to inform the landlord , but he has been very accommodating.
My husband is having doubts about renting a ground floor flat due to past experience when he was younger. He had a ground floor flat in a rough part of town and he said he heard people running around his back garden and had numerous items stolen etc .
This area seems to be a nice enough area though , and has intercom to gain entry to the block.
Also we have a dog who is getting on a bit and we have been lucky to find somewhere that accepts pets. I know everyone says their dog is the best and house trained etc.
i work predominantly night shifts and my husband and son work days … the dogs routine is he sleeps all night with my husband , when I get home at 8am I take him out for a walk and he comes back to bed with me , then he gets fed and walked again just before I go to work and then settles in front of the tv with my husband for the night.
I’m going off topic so apologies .

How can I convince my husband that a ground floor flat isn’t a bad option ?

fit an alarm and good locks


Thanks Colin, I was actually thinking along those lines myself.
Been looking at window locks where you can have the windows open and from the outside you can’t open it any further.
Also an alarm and a ring doorbell.

Any other security tips would be great :slight_smile:

the ring doorbells are amazing and are not that costly. Having the dog accepted is a big plus

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Yes I totally agree , not often you see places advertised as pet friendly. Plus very close to my place of work so we can get rid of one of our cars which will save us quite a bit of money.


In your situation I would take the flat

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Back to your question:

  • Describe the differences in the environment, e.g. no access to the back; close to work; parks nearby for kids and teenagers to use, so no need for them to hang around your area; your experience was X years ago, and society is more civilised here or now(?); no stairs or occasionally broken down lifts to contend with; but just one snag, dirtier windows!
  • describe the benefits, from dog walking locations to shopping and public transport; money saved; unbelivably lucky to find a place that accepts animals; interior meets your needs in different ways, etc.
  • you really love it and feel safe in it and its location, at least no worse than anywhere else! How it benefits you personally, if different from the above.
  • if you are able to add the previously suggested security improvements, make sure you have working fire alarms and get out in a hurry, by door or window.
  • if you have a garden, then maybe a movement detection light can be installed, or a notice put up by the easiest access points that CCTV with infra red clear images exist (true or false makes little difference, I suspect). However, while that discourages opportunistic people, it may encourage the professionals thinking the building occupiers are trying to protect valuables!
    Good luck

I had a ground floor flat in a very nice area Wimbeldon village and was broken into twice in six months, and another time when people started ringing doorbell at 2am to see if anyone was home. Get a big dog?

Lived in a ground floor flat for ten years and never broken into or even a noticeable attempt.
Great advice about security above. Do what you need to for peace of mind.

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