Looking for Buy Property in Hartlepool

Hi all,

I’m just posting to see if anyone can assist or provide guidance, as to where I can find what I’m looking for. ~ pref directly with landlord would be ideal!

I am looking for property for sale (min 2 bed Terraced House in Hartlepool, preferably near Thornville Rd area)

I currently have a healthy deposit ~ however a small budget of no more than £30,000 - £40,000 > I’m more than likely going to need to get a small morgage to cover the additional amount.

The property needs to be suitable to live in ~ with no mold issues etc, and minimal work required.

I am looking to move to the area, to be close to family, as I am now disabled by Covid.

Please reach out if you feel you have something that might be of interest to me and meets my criteria.

Thank you