Looking for flat to rent near Liverpool

I’m currently in a flat of disrepair and on going neighbour issues. I have a 10 year old daughter who stays with me some of the week and it’s not a good environment for her to be in.
I’ve also had a lot of issues with work lately so I’m in rent arrears. I’m paying back what I owe on top of rent now. It’s just a case of catching up.
That aside. (I earn between 1100 and 1700pcm).
I have money aside to move regardless. I have 900+ in savings to cover the initial costs of moving including up to 2 months rent upfront. I also have working guarantor ready if needed.
I have 2 indoor cats.
I currently pay 395 for a 2 bedroom flat in bootle new strand area.
I think I pay too much because my neighbour, in the same building, same size flat, well its actually bigger, same company, and same landlord yet she pays 350.
So I figure in this area if I’m looking for a 1 - 2 bed flat to move to, I shouldn’t expect to pay more than 400. Though I’m trying to downsize a little and save money.
I’m looking in and around the L20 area mainly. And also L21 and L22.

I’m having a really tough time finding anywhere online. Am I asking too much? I mean I’ve seen 2 bed houses for 400 - 450pm so a flat you’d think especially a 1 bed would be a fair emount less?
If I was going to pay 450 I’d prefer a house. :sweat_smile:

Hi Victoria,

All the properties we have available are on our website - Sam has provided some handy guidance on this here:


1! bed in seaforth /waterloo £360 to £400… 2 bed £425 to£ 500 pcm. The only snag may be 2 cats as a flat in a .building of say three flats. someone, another occupant, may be alergic to cats