Looking for a rental

Hi im Kara and im looking to move back to Cornwall so that i can be back with my family and Daughter. I am finding it difficult to find a suitable rental in the location that im looking. Kind Regards, Kara :slight_smile:

hello kara I am also south west. I am looking on spare room and open rent to avoid letting agents and their fees but there is not enough in north devon for rent. I hope they add some more soon !

Hey @karaskrafts

I’m sure you both know this already, but you can find all the properties we have online by searching here:


@EILEEN-LEWIS - you might benefit from setting up a search alert. If you perform a search meeting your criteria on our site, then you can click the green Create Email Alert button below the map.

Then, whenever a new property goes live that meets your criteria, you’ll get an email. That way, you don’t have to waste any time searching. The properties will come directly to you!

Best of luck to you both in finding a new home!

How long should it take from viewing to agreeing you want the property, Landlord willing to take you on to , generally the whole process ???

It really depends!

We’ve had many adverts made and let on the same day before.

Other times, if a landlord is advertising a few months in advance of the property being available, it can take weeks to go from viewing to moving in.

The timeline generally is faster in large cities and slower in more rural areas. Tenants and landlords should discuss their ideal timelines at the earliest possible chance - such as while messaging or at the viewing.

The part of the process that takes the most time is probably referencing, which moves as quickly as the people involved want it to. If the tenant is slow to provide references, info, etc. then it can take a few days.