Looking for studio or en suite

My son who graduated last year with a first class honours degree has been offered a Job on london starting on 11th September.
Hell be working for a tv production company who have multiple shows on itv, channel 4 and sky.
As he doesn’t live in london he has to love tje family home and relocate.
For the last 3 weeks has been trying to find suitable accommodation without success as either people don’t get back to him or say then will contacted him.
He has less than 3 weeks left to find something (preferably around brixton, tooting, stockwell ,oval areas
Any suggestions

Does the production company not have either
1 accommodation-maybe temp till he can find perm
2 contacts they can use to find somewhere

Try not looking in those areas because 10000 other British, Australian and Kiwi young professionals are after rooms in those exact same places, together with of course Clapham, Balham and Wandsworth.

There are plenty of rooms available in less fashionable places.

Also asking for a studio or en-suite is an extra demand and he’d need a ££££ big budget for that!

What’s wrong with a regular double room in a 2-4 person flatshare?

He wants to be in these areas as its will ne easier to commute to his new place of work especially as he’s not from London.
What annoys me is hes been in stuck in london for 3 weeks now and landlord’s who say they want properties filled take so long to make a decision and keep you waiting .
We viewed one last week yold them we would take it but still accepting new viewings 1 week on and been told no decisions have been made yet even though they want it occupied by 1st sept.
Right now hes feeling stressed and despondent

Has been down this route hss enqired about a few dome don’t reply or say he soibds hreat but not a good fit without even meeting also it seems anyone in a houseshare are too cliquey and pick and choose who they want without knowing someone’s character

I don’t think he’s asked them .They did ask him at his interview if he’ would be relocating to london tk whch he said yes.
Probably afraid to ask because he probably thinks they may withdraw offer.
Hes geeting very stressed about has been stuck in london for 3 weeks now looking for somewhere

Hi, OP. To me it sounds that, for whatever reason, your son is not the first choice for the landlords. When we find “our” tenant, we stop all the viewings.
He really should start looking in wider areas with good underground connection. Even if he has a car, travelling by tube in London will be faster and easier. Relax your search criteria as advised, and you will find a place.
It’s not only your son who is shopping around for a place, it’s LL as well, who pick and chose the higher earners with a longer employment record, preferably, at the same place. If they repeatedly don’t chose your son, it’s time to change the tactics.

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