Metro Bank and affordability

Hello, this is my first time renting out my whole property and first time using Open Rent so I’m grateful for any help. My first potential tenant has failed the referencing as the system doesn’t recognise Metro Bank so couldn’t see her bank statements which includes child maintenance and. She has also been working a mixture of full and part time and has been furloughed. How is the affordability calculated - is it on an average salary over a period of months? And is it for the full rent, even if the rent is to be paid between 2 tenants?

I’m not sold on this particular tenant, just researching and learning the pitfalls etc.
I don’t think she has a family member who could afford to be a guarantor so I’m wondering how to ascertain her affordability other than asking for bank statements and asking how much rent she currently pays and checking that against the statements.

Many thanks!

eg if rent 5k a year… earnings need to be at least 3 and half times that. .Also ask for proof of outgoings… You can ask any questions you wish ,Its your property

Thanks for the advice

I’d be asking OpenRent why they can’t properly check - just because Metro is a challenger bank, doesn’t mean that references can’t be checked. If they haven’t got a system in place for all banks, that should be set out in their terms of business which I don’t believe it does. So at least get your refund from OpenRent.

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Good idea, thank you