Minimum 12 Month Let Dilemma

Hi, please can somebody explain. If the house/flat says it is a 12 month minimum tenancy, would you still be able to leave earlier, say, after 6 months, perhaps and you just have to pay an extra fee? Or does whether the flat have a break-clause simply depend on the property?

You need a break clause in the agreement between you and the landlord

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Hi Olivia, yes you’d need to have a break clause to be able to end the tenancy early.

If there was no break clause, you could still end the tenancy, but you would need the written agreement of the other party (i.e. the landlord or the tenant). This is called a surrender by mutual consent.

But it’s not guaranteed that they would agree to end the tenancy when you wanted to, so it is risky to rely on this.

If you think you might want to end the tenancy before the end of the fixed term, I’d recommend including a break clause in the tenancy agreement.

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