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I’m sure I’m not alone in this one but my agent led me to believe that the house I was applying to rent could be my forever home. As 67 and 68 year olds we repeatedly said this to them and as nothing was said to let us believe that wasn’t going to be the case we signed the first 6 months contract. Renewal yearly. Five weeks on, having only moved a small amount of goods into the house, we were doing it slowly as not to cause distress to my twin 12 years old grandsons who have autism, we met our neighbours who told us a completely different story. They were still in contact with the landlord and his family who were round the corner!
Turns out that the tenancy could be ended by August next year. We were devastated and approached the agent who said nowhere rented is for life!!! Morally we think that’s terrible, we are getting on and things are harder to do as our mobility wains, apart from the hours and hours of preparing the boys for the changes for 1 year!!!
Clearly we couldn’t move in, circumstances just made it impossible. The landlord was excellent and has allowed us to end our tenancy early but the agent is telling us we have to do this and that and pay this and that to end the tenancy. I’ve given the place a thorough clean, better than when we took it over, done the garden and with the repairs I had done it’s looking lovely.
This misleading has cost us over £3k to date in rent, bills and vans as we are living an hour and a half away from the new property and we haven’t even spent a night there!!!
Should agents be more upfront, should tenants be able to know who their landlord is so this can’t happen?

I thought the landlords name and address was supposed to be stated on the AST these days?

If you ask for landlords name and address they have a legal duty to supply it.

Sorry this happened to you.
Mrs. T.

Sorry to say this but think you have been a little naïve if you believe you can rent the property for life.
You say you signed for six months but renewal every 12 months which is incorrect.
Why did you not move in and after the initial six months let the tenancy roll over this is normal practice, again sorry but don’t agree the circumstances made it impossible you have done that yourself.
Good luck with you home for life!!!

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@Tony9 This is absolutely true unfortunately.

Even if they had said for life, no one can see into the future and circumstances change.
This is the trouble when renting privately. You just don’t have the security that social housing gives.
The main reason I worked every hour God sent to be able to get that security with my own place even though it was a struggle.

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Well Tony9, as I said we have two autistic grandchildren we are bringing up and changes to their lives can make life very difficult and moving was to take a couple of months with stopovers at the new house to familiarise them and get them to except this as home!
You’re absolutely right, I have been naive and looking back, I feel stupid, I’m such a trusting person that I guess with the agent not saying that the tenancy wouldn’t be for life and I wanted it so much to be that, I do realise I was stupid . We’ve only held the tenancy for 2 months now and hopefully new tenants are on the horizon. We’re so glad we hadn’t moved in with the cost of removals and the hard work that goes with it, only to pack up 12 months later, not easy at our age and with the boys.
Our tenancy was initially for 6 months then renewable each year, we thought we would sign on the dotted line every year and live there as good tenants till we were shipped off to the care home :smiley:
Never mind, it’s history in the making and we have found a forever home on a landowners estate and as long as we are good tenants we’ll not be asked to leave.
And Tony the tenant isn’t always an enemy!!!
We all make mistakes.


Happy ending , warms my heart

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Very sorry to hear about the hassle you have been through! If the landlord has allowed you to end tenancy early without penalty then it doesn’t matter what the agent says.

Just out of interest, what makes this one a forever home?

Life isn’t always fair. My hubby has worked for 53 years and we’ve had challenges. We worked to get our own place, sold up to take a job, ( accommodation supplied)bought a retirement home in Spain, had to sell to pay for court battle for the twins and lost thousands on it because we needed a quick sale and we bought before the crash. So yes you never know what’s round the corner
All we wanted was the agent to say well this probably won’t be that long term as several agents did! Social housing would be wonderful unfortunately my husband’s pensions rule is out , so we have no choice but private rental, too old for a mortgage commitment now!!
Thanks for your feedback.


Age Mark and my husbands decreasing mobility has led to retirement. In tied accommodation for the last 17+ years.
It is a happy ending.
Thanks for your kind words

I wish you and your family well in your new home. Life isn’t always easy and does throw curve balls.

Agents shouldn’t lie and often just say anything rather than ask the landlord, to avoid bothering them. (My son has just taken on a tenancy in a rental property and has had the same problem. Think they were taking advantage of his naivety also.

You could always complain but unless it’s in writing it may be hard, and it sounds like you just want to get on with your life. All the best.

I use a C/O address for my AST’s . wouldnt want tenants knowing my home address.

Ending up with Autistic grandchildren, sounds like many tragic events got you into this. Your very brave taking on this burden at your age.

But if a tenant asks for your address, you have to give it … Shelter Legal England - Tenant's right to information about a landlord's identity - Shelter England

Written requests for landlord’s name and address
The tenant can make a written request for the landlord’s name and address from the:

landlord’s agent

person who demands, or last received, the rent

This information must be provided in writing within 21 days.[5] Address means the landlord’s place of residence or place of business or, in the case of a company, its registered office.

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