Moss on the roof ! Tenant wants it treated....?


Just wondering if anyone else has any experiences of this…

My tenant has been in touch because there is some moss on the roof of the house and he has to sweep the path to the front door every day because he has slipped on it a couple of times.

He sent some pics of the moss on the ground and of the roof, and i have been to look at the roof.

In my opinion it’s not that bad, not what i was expecting from his message and request for ‘a meeting’ to discuss. It’s certainly not at a point where i’d worry about the roof.

He would like it cleaned and treated to prevent further moss fall, i don’t want to pay the £1000+ for an issue that i don’t believe is really an issue. I think there is a little moss in patches because of the weather it gets and when it rains hard or the birds are up there it come down.

We cleared the gutters etc at the end of last year for him.

We replaced the front door and front window for him a couple of months ago £1200 (coloured at his request).

@£650 pcm rent we are spending more than earning currently. He is a good tenant, very particular and I’m not sure where we stand with this??

I’d be interested to hear anyone elses views or experiences


He is not a good tenant. You are running to his beck and call.
In the words of my solicitor
“You are not there to do what they want you to, but to fulfil your legal requirements”.
Gutter cleaning is your responsibility.

Why did you replace a door and window? Did it need to be done
You have put in coloured windows at his request!!!
That costs more money!!!
Next time tell him you are going to increase his rent to reflect his unnecessary demands.

We have moss on our own roof and we sweep it up. Tell him to sweep it up like a normal person. He is responsible for the address ( I assume not just the house)
Who goes out and cleans moss on the roof. That is the most ridiculous thing. Scaffolding would eat most of your rent every year.
I bet if you called the council they would not even ask for that.
If you want a legal answer call a solicitor and get 20 minutes free advice.

Just decline and tell him to carry on sweeping it up like the rest of us have to.

Thank you, the door was old and was due to be done so I’m happy with that. He said the window was draughty and we didn’t know how long it had be in so decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get that done at the same time. We didn’t have to get the door coloured but decided to go ahead as it only cost a little more.

I do feel that moss cleaning the roof is a step too far though !

Thanks again

We have moss from the roof too. Everyone does!
Just put it in writing to him to sweep it up each time he comes across it, in view of the fact he is claiming to have fallen.

Just bear in mind A_A’s point, we had tenants that liked to shout ‘jump’ at me on a regular basis. Although, hopefully it isn’t the case with yours!

It’s insidious behaviour which we took mistook for being good tenants, thinking if they were that particular then that was a good sign they were looking after the house well.

Not so, as they didn’t like it when I dared to point out damages and due to the final straw of behaviour that stank of entrapment, we had to ask them to leave - which they didn’t like either, threatening to stay put without paying rent etc.