Moving in dates

Good evening to one and all"
I have just returned from viewing a property.
Im having second thoughts regarding the landlord.
Over a month ago I was all ready steady and to go move to a lovely house when the landlord changed available date 6wks longer, literally been squatting in this house
Had right enough as you can imagine soooo I changed the rules… Found property, local, cheap as chips and I contacted to view… Paid 1 weeks deposit,
Kept communications open, viewing arranged.
Landlord told me to go round and a woman that answers the door to me would show me round,
She is the tenant still living there!!.
Earliest moving in date states 8th July,
Her end of date is 26th July. Am I overreacting or is something telling me otherwise??

Julie. why did you pay a weeks deposit? Get your money back, go to another landlord and dont do this again. I say this as a landlord.

IT sounds as if the existing tenant has not moved out and the landlord had viewings whilst she is still there .lets hope she does move for your sake .Personally I dont take any money till I am happy with the credit check. You have to wait and see> i am no expert on the legality of this