My Deposits: First experience claiming is awful


I have just recently got back a property where the damage exceeds the deposit by multiples. The deposit was custodial via My Deposits.

First time for everything and wow the process is poor despite the Tennant not challenging.

  1. Make your claim
  2. Wait 28 days+ for Tennant reposne… no response triggers
  3. Download form for filling
  4. Get a solicitor, magistrate or similar legal body to countersign (paying them a fee if you don’t socialise in those circles)
  5. Upload/email said signed document
  6. Wait another 14 days for further Tennant response

Received my funds apeox 45 days after.

Now, I do support protecting Tennants money from sink landlords. However, I do have written signed consent to take the deposit and plenty of evidence of costs of remedial action to back it up… This process and situation is My Deposits driven and lack of communication from the outgoing tenants.

Any thoughts on how I can avoid this going forward, through Openrent who I like using, but avoiding their My Deposits hook up?

I want to keep it fair for both parties and easy to administer.


I think you will find a similar procedure would apply to other companies too. It’s similar to my previous experiences with the DPS

Firstly protect your property by ensuring you get a guarantor, any gaps in deposit to actual damage costs you can first claim from the tenant and if no joy then the guarantor. Most responsible tenants will address any loss and many will not want you to claim off their guarantors. There are also insurance policies you could consider.

Secondly do regular inspections, any damage can be notified and managed earlier

Thirdly, keep tight records and photo/ video evidence.

Make sure you have communications with your tenant and put read and delivery receipts on your emails. In certain cases all duplicate via 1st class post.

Finally ensure when you initially rent ensure you provide all necessary legal information as this will harm any claims if not completed

You could also ask the tenant to include landlords fixtures and fittings on their home insurance, many companies do this. It helps with damage to, eg, carpets. You of course would need to see the annual policy. Most reputable tenants would have no issue with this optional request.

All these could reduce the gaps in finance and perhaps ease the hassle

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