My property used for false advertising?

I discovered last month that my landlord has regularly been using photos of my flat to advertise on Open Rent (& Rightmove) other properties in the landlord’s portfolio in the same residential complex (I suspect because mine has the nicest views and is in very good condition, although I have not had an explanation when I challenged the landlord in writing, albeit that they eventually admitted doing it).

Obviously prospective tenants of the other flats would realise the ruse as soon as they viewed their target property, so I imagine the ruse is used just to get tenants through the door. But is this false advertising and an offence?

This seemingly unethical practice has now resulted in financial harm . My agreement stipulates that if I wish to vacate before the end of my tenancy, the landlord will assist in trying to find a suitable replacement. I requested this help and they agreed readily in writing. However, nothing then happened for almost 3 weeks after the flat was vacated, cleaned and ready for viewing. I received repeated reassurances that marketing was imminent (all this took place before COVID-19 lockdown)

Eventually I discovered that the portfolio of photos of my flat (the same package as had been used when I first rented it) was in use to advertise another property in the same building (bizarrely a furnished one, whereas all the photos show my flat when empty). So it seems highly likely the landlord was stalling me because he couldn’t legitimately advertise my flat using the same material as was already in the public domain, falsely advertising another flat.

Obviously COVID-19 lockdown has now prevented any further progress and the landlord is now using the lockdown as an excuse, although the issue pre-dates the lockdown by weeks. Meanwhile I am stuck paying £2000/month on rent and bills for an empty flat.

He should not use your flat space to advertise another one. That is misleading.


Thanks for the report and sorry to hear of the issue here.

All OpenRent have a “Report Listing” function, so please use this on the relevant listing so that our team can investigate.

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