Fake advertising on Facebook Marketplace

Hi was contacted by this person ref a house for rent in neville rd Portsmouth saying he was owner and rented thru openrent id exchanged emails and since first contact had no more he says he is a copper in dundee and wanted to rent house 900 a month all bills included which i thout was cheap to say the least , iv checked profile and its come back as fake so be careful if contacted as could be a scam to get money off of someone with no prospect of renting , house in neville rd does not come up on the site this is profile


This worries me too. I cannot find any way for me to actually view a property as I am in France. There are so many hoax adverts that you do not know who to trust. I wish you all the good luck in finding a place to rent soon, but there are so many nasty people out there to expoilt you.

Never ever hand over any money till you have physically seen a property

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That is very difficult when you are in a situation like mine. Someone should set up a website for genuine properties to rent from genuine landlords, but then no doubt those out there to earn a living by scamming people will find a way around that too.

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Is there someone here who you trust that can view a place for you?

No. All my immediate family are dead and even when I was a child, we never were in contact with extended family. I find it very difficult to even trust estate agents in England. You see a property that sounds nice and it is suddenly rented or removed. It makes you wonder if it was for real in the first place

that is because places are being snapped up quick, whether for sale or rent.

I dont know about that. I have been looking for nearly two years now! I still see adverts that have been advertised for longer than that for rental, yet a “phantom” property is there one minute and rented the next. You just dont know who to trust.

What would be really nice is that you could actually talk to a prospective landlord and not have to rely on the internet for contact. But I doubt that will happen.

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Completly agree it would be beneficial for them too

How did you contact this person / did they contact you in the first place? Your subject is “fake advertising” - but it’s unclear where that advertising is happening or if you’re reporting an illegitimate advert that is on OpenRent? Can you provide a few more details as to what happened here?

The advert was on marketplace on fb under lettings , he contacted me after i viewed advert and asked if it was still available

do not trust marketplace .too many scammers

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Oh def wont be using it again

Ah ok - yes sadly we can’t control Facebook Marketplace, but have you reported this account to facebook? You can also report to the police via Action Fraud here:

Otherwise, I’m afraid sites external to OpenRent are outside our control and can only recommend properties you find on OpenRent itself via our search tools:

I’ve edited the subject of this thread to make that clear.

Our Rent Now process on OpenRent protects tenant money, just be sure to check you’re connected to www.openrent.co.uk when proceeding, especially if someone has sent you a link via facebook or elsewhere.

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