New ast contract

I have a tenant whos AST is 6 months and has just elapsed and now on a periodic tenancy.
I may want to issue a new AST agreement altogether (an improved contract), he has previously been given a valid gas cert, EICR, EPC and proof of deposit with TDS, prescribed info, how to rent etc, can they just sign the new AST? All docs are current still except for perhaps the how to rent guide, would i need to just give him a current copy?

I honestly wouldnt bother with a new agreement. Its just extra admin for no reason. The nature of any tenancy contract is that it will be out of date very quickly as the legislation changes, but it doesnt matter as statute always trumps contract, so the agreement effectively stays current.

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I think it’s a bit blurry about what you’re actually meant to do if you issue a new AST to an existing tenant. Hence I always issue everything as if it’s a new tenant, it costs nothing to attach it all to an email detailing what you’re sending and then you’ve sent it and keep a copy in the file so you have proof it’s been sent.
Less work if you make it a periodic, though!