New landlord buying the house I live in

I need some advice please , I am renting from my brother however he has decided to sell , he has a buyer with me as a sitting tenant but i only had a 6 months contract with him to begin and my rent is £450 , the new landlord has not decided yet but is coming to see my tomorrow , he has mentioned the rent going up to £575 , also my brother did not take a bond from me , will I have to pay the new landlord a bond.
I have lived in the house for 21 months , only 6 months with a contract.
Can anyone advice me please im getting worried. Thank you

is it written into the selling contract that you have security of tenure for however long? The new landlord may well require a bond or deposit . you will have to ask… I bought a property 20 yeras ago with a sitting tenant and he is still my tenant.

Thank you for the advice , the bond I did kind of guess but I understand completely and how allowed for this.
I dont know its early days the potential landlord is visiting me tomorrow.
The last contract I had was a 6 months one which was from September 1st 2018 which states I pay £450 monthly however my brother ( also my landlord ) has told me to tell him that I pay £550 because the new landlord intends to put it to £575 immediately after the sale.
Im worried about lying as I think its not a good start but my brother is a bit of bully so I just wanted advice on the best way to deal with it.

Sounds as if your brother wants the prospective buyer to believe he will be getting a higher rent.
Not very honest of your brother either to you or to the buyer. How are you meant to find an extra £125pm extra on the rent?
When selling a property you are sent a very long form which forms part of the contract of sale and if your brother lies on this he could be sued by the buyer.
Is there a solicitor handling the sale or is it an auction sale?
Think you need to have a word with your brother as he clearly doesn’t care that you may well be served notice by the new buyer when he realises you are paying £100 less than he thought.
If he is a bully perhaps you could email? Then you would have written evidence too.

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You are on a periodic tenancy then?
If you have a tenancy agreement won’t the new buyer want to see all the paperwork?
Don’t really know how your brother can lie about all this and expect to get away with it.

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If you have written agreement with your brother, then the tenancy has not ended: you are on a monthly tenancy with the same terms as your agreement with him. This may specify if and when the rent increases will occur. No mention, no increase is due.

Otherwise, provided you have a record showing you have not failed to pay your rent, and a written agreement, then the new landlord will have to issue you a Notice to leave*, that will not be valid if you brother has not followed the legislation, which is highly likely, so the new landlord will have to take you to court to leave. In both cases, it will be some months away before you have to leave: plenty of time to look for another place, as there is a big back log of cases. This assumes that you do not agree to an increase in rent and the new owner decides to force you out.

  • That notice may not be allowable by law next year as the law on this is changing (a Sect 21 Notice that doe not require any reason to force you out).

It may be wise to seek legal advice.