New Landlord Question - relist from scratch or contact reserve choices?

Hi everyone.
I’m pretty new to all this. Anyway, I advertised a property on OR a few weeks ago and had a great deal of interest - 69 inquiries…and about 28 viewings! I settled on the tenants which was a difficult choice as I had many people interested. Problem is, both have failed referencing and one has no work refs at all despite claiming they had. I’ve thought long and hard the last few days but…I’ve decided to pull the plug.
Should I contact those people who viewed a week ago and make them an offer one week later (“why was I second choice etc?”), or relist from scratch? This time I have drawn up pre-screening criteria so I don’t make the same mistake again…my own fault looking back. Cheers for any replies.

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Hi Gavin,
If it were me I would contact several previous viewers and ask them to complete the pre-screening criteria and see what comes back. I suspect this will weed out further unsuitables. Whoever looks the strongest on paper go for referencing. Otherwise, start again. Good luck


Did you pre-screen before viewing? Only show the suitable people with viewing to avoid time waster. I will normally ask their job, current tenant, whether they have bad credit or CCJ etc. Let them know you will carry out check later. So they know no point of lying now.


Hi Gavin, also best to pre screen on the phone. Also state you are open and transparent but won’t be able to support if bad credit etc. I also tell them my house rules, just so they are clear. Helps any surprises later. A gaurantor thrown in the mix may help referencing also as the tenant may not be great but you have a fallback. Thanks

28 viewings is good. at that rate I would do a viewing every 15 mins and then it would take few hours ! you will get better at this . It takes time we can all make a mistake and listen to sob stories that are not true , Remember, some tenants will lie. ask the same questions in a different manner a little later on and the liars will not remember what they previously said Write down what they say over the phone, then if you meet up ask again the question . If it does not match, then reject them. Head not heart ,you want the best tenant , they want the best landlord

Thanks for the advice everyone. Much appreciated.