New tenancy law in Scotland

So the new regulations for rental in Scotland are in for a year now. As a landlord, I’m finding it really hard to go about managing my tenant affairs and collecting rent. There is no term bracket in the contract and the means to vacate a tenant who doesn’t pay rental is to wait for full three months before taking matters through court tribunal. It remains that if he pays on the day before tribunal, he can stay. I had stressful 6 months chasing up and had to go back to references to back him up. Anyone having same issues? Is the law likely to be reviewed after testing the waters? I also live in the fear that one day I could have a 28 days notice at an inconvenient time, which is granted to tenants only


Hi Bassam,

You make a very interesting statement here, especially since the government are wanting to scrap section 21 in England.

I’m sure many readers would love to reflect on your comment in view of the issue with section 21.


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