Extended notice for section 21

THE notice period for issuing a section 21 now is ridiculous. Given the courts are way behind to get a bad tenant out now is realistically 12-15 months. In that time it can be very hard for neighbours if they are anti social (section 8 burden of proof it elusively high for some) So please write to your MP and tell them to stop playing robin hood. Many landlords have one property and a mortgage and limited cashflow. This notice period is crazy. I have found that rental rates have jumped. Personally i now ask for 3 months up front plus deposit in direct response to the goverments actions. ITS NOT HELPING THE TENANT. unscrupulous but savvy tenants know they can get a minimum 1 year rent free now. successive goverments have targeted landlords now for many years and it has to stop. We will finish up only with housing associations and councils renting because all the regulations are overwhelming. When i first started we had a 3 page AST , it is now 14 and counting. Landlords dont issue a section 21 willy nilly, why would they its a lot of work to change tenants. Please write to your MP to reduce notice, its in the tenants and the private landlords interest.


Hi Sidney1, yes the notice period is crazy and it’s doing a lot of harm. I’m a Landlord with only 1 property (my own home) which I need to get back into. And an appalling Tenant who’s using my home as a drugs den but won’t give way and quit. Eviction needed but the process is SO slow it causes huge injury to the Landlord.

I am also homeless because the Tenant isn’t paying his rent and I therefore don’t have money to rent anything for myself while I’m waiting. So I will have to spend those 12 - 15 months living rough. I’m 63, and female.

Giving this bad Tenant 6 months’ notice is ludicrous. The MP & lawyers say we have to abide by the law. But what do you do when the law is a total ass, as in this case?


I am looking to others to advise how I could move into my house, whilst other tenants are still there

Hi Leslie.
I’m assuming you are a Landlord, for this house.
Where/how are you living at the moment?

I wondered if there was a legal way,you had the right to enter and live in your property as you have no other and cant afford rent because of the situation your tenant has put you in.

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You can issue a section 8 if still in fixed term tenancy and use that as your reason provided it was stated in your AST that it was your previous home. However the notice period is still 6 months