No mains gas in new homes

The goverment is planning to have no mains gas to new homes in about six years time. It is planning to have us all on heat exchange systems or along those lines to reduce the carbon footprint of homes eventually This means the phaseing out of gas boilers. (back to imersion heaters?) This may fall back but they are talking about it. So the EPC as we know it will also change in that the CO2 emisions will be more important than the Energy Efficiency Rating. Dont take your Imersion heater to the scrap yard just yet.

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this may sound crazy but last year I decided to do a development without any gas so I did an electric boiler exactly the same as a conventional system but all electric it was 14.4 kW the boiler I also had an unvented system in directly running with the boiler and the EPC came back as F so I changed it back again to gas and the EPC then was a C !
They have been talking about scrapping gas for many years they announced it in the French summit meeting about a decade ago.

no wonder we can t plan ahead

Useful to know Andrew. I was considering changing over to electricity in my properties when the current gas systems need replacing.

I live in France. I don’t know anyone here who has a gas HW system. The norm for HW and space heating is electricity. Heat pumps, either air source or ground source are slowly catching on, particularly in the south where they are used for cooling in the summer. Domestic water systems are all mains pressure (about 6 bar here) for hot and cold.

Anyone got experience with PV solar panels? I have them here and they barely pay for themselves despite the hype. I save CO2 which is good, but the investment doesn’t really stack up.

Out pressure is typically between 1.5bar and 3bar in pressure for Hot, cold and heating circuits.
solar is unfortunately a waste of time and effort at present as solar panels are still about the same efficiency as COAL, yes you heard me, Coal they don’t teach you that on the solar websites for sure.
If you want electric boiler then thrown in the electric wire along with the gas pipe and install gas knowing your future proofed.
If you can get a heat/ground pump as an exchanger then that may be the best option but i let the tenants pay for the electricity and gas unless its a HMO of course.

I hope this helps.