No Support for New Comers from Open Rent

What should a couple who is new to London and searching for a home to rent by staying in hotel accommodation? which was provided by their employer They don’t have a proper bank account, and no landlord references. How could they pass the credit checks and other references?

How is that Open Rent’s responsibility ?

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It’s their own responsibility. Openrent advertises landlords rental properties, it’s not a property finding service for anyone.

Did they not think of this before arriving in the country? Why didn’t they plan ahead?? This would be the normal thing to do.

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As others have said, Openrent is just an advertising portal and is not meant to provide support. It is possible for anyone to open a basic bank account without a permanent address, and that is probably the best place to start, as I can’t imagine any landlord will rent to you without a bank account at the very least. If you are new to the country, then you will not pass normal referencing checks so you will need to speak to the landlord (or estate agent) to explain your circumstances and show proof of employment, such as your employment contract, proof of funds such as your bank account statements, and visa documentation for Right to Rent checks. It is a more difficult process compared to those already established in the UK, but it is possible for newcomers to get rental accommodation. I have rented to people in similar circumstances previously.

get your employer to sort it out

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