Non - paying rent

tenant stopped paying rent october.
suddenly - prevented final work on electrical safety certification.
has not answered email, text, phone calls nor mail.
Notice 21 and 8 both delivered. no reply.

annoyingly - 6 months lead on eviction notice - cannot do anything legally before mid may 20201!

Any suggestions -

Perhaps offer (verbally) to fund re-location costs generously if they can’t afford the rent any more.

Welcome to the club - get set for a rocky ride

Have you been round there and knocked on the door?

Been round and knocked on door - they had scarpered. No damage, just a cart load of detritus to remove.

I don’t know the current law on this but someone else will, which is to put up a Notice of Abandonment.

Also send them written notification that you will be entering the property on a certain day and time for inspection.

Insurance companies usually have a clause that the property cannot be left unchecked, if unoccupied, for long periods of time or it’s invalidated. (I believe mine says no longer than two weeks)

take a load of pictures , assume you have a key? If it where my place I would just go in ,change the locks I dont care what the law is . If they have cleared out ,Thats it for me

Did they leave keys? Did neighbours see them go or hear anything? Have they remove their clothes and toiletries? Surrender by operation of law is all about evidence.

The law is an ass!

Fortunately - the non payment of rent, keys left behind, and furniture cleared ( except for tat piled in the garage) are indicators of abandonment and release of legal possession.

The legalities preventing LLs taking care and possession of their property is deplorable.

A publican can remove someone from their premises, as can a taxi driver, bus driver, hotel manager ……

The tenant is able to smash contracts and responsibilities. Recent Government changes allowing 8+ months rent unpaid is too scary for me - the estate agent is on fast-call.


In that case I would keep detailed records, including photos and re-take possession now