Non payment of rent

My tenant hasn’t paid for 2 months and isn’t answering calls, texts or emails. I’m going to visit the property to establish whether he’s still there and I intend to sent a copy of the rental agreement. I was collecting the rent directly paid into bank account but I’ve just signed up for open rent’s new service in the hope that they may have more success. A) is this the right course of action? B) what would be my next steps?

If you want my views have a look at the discussions with regard to the section " rent not being paid-what now" Good Luck
Ashley Gill

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Hi Vicky,

Knocking on the door is sensible, but I would not recommend entering the property. Landlords must not enter the property without the tenant’s consent unless it is for an emergency e.g. flooding. If you do so, then the tenant may use this as evidence that the tenancy has been surrendered i.e. that you have both agreed to end the tenancy and therefore that they do no owe you any rent.

Our rent collection service will automatically send tenants reminders and chasing messages if they are in arrears. If you would like legal advice on how best to proceed, I’d recommend speaking to our legal partners, Landlord Action.

You can do that here.


You will first need to visit the address and make enqs to ensure they are not in hospital etc. Then if not happy go down the route of a section 21 eviction notice

Dear Vicky, i recommend you act quickly. Visit the property, issue a money claim (ccj) and issue a section 8 eviction order. The system is slow and some tenants know how to scam the system. It took me 7 months to evict my tenants Chicco and Chantal Merighi from my flat. They knew how to play the system. The nicer you are the slower they leave. I won’t be using the judicial system next time

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James33 spot on ID I love it